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fannish textuality created by leyenn

Leyenn's Fanfiction
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Fannish Creativity by Leyenn
You've reached the personal fanfiction (and fanart and vids, should I ever get round to such things) journal of leyenn. You'll also find the occasional piece of meta, rambling or other random miscellany on the topic of fannish creativity. Everything is tagged by fandom, pairing and occasionally by genre. Everything is also unlocked, so feel free to link.

I'll be moving all the previously posted fic from my personal lj over here, as well as copies of my previously posted stuff from my website (which isn't going to disappear, but could use a backup, so this is it). All future fic will be posted here, so please feel free to friend or watch!

If you're looking for me, you want leyenn;
If you're looking for my recs, you want sparkly_objects;
If you're looking for my fic, you want bookofpages, so you're in the right place. Enjoy!