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FIC: Maithuna (Will/Deanna, R)

Title: Maithuna
Pairing: Will/Deanna
Summary: an act of uniting two things into one state of being; a spiritual uniting in order to bring about concord.
Spoilers: Deliberately non-specific, could be any time when Picard is away/reassigned/captured/assimilated/dead/missing and Riker is temporarily in charge. (I thought about this. There are rather a lot of these times.)
Rating: R?


XF: Mulder/Scully, 'Triangulation'

Title: Triangulation
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Summary: He finally tracks them down in Oxford in mid-October.
Spoilers: (almost) the start of a post-The Truth AU
Rating: G

TriangulationCollapse )

XF: Mulder/Scully, 'On The Road' (NC-17)

So I was writing this dirty, dirty porn, not the kind of dirty dirty porn one can properly hand write in a cafe over chai tea, so ladyvivien asked for text porn to kill my time instead. So I wrote a different kind of dirty porn. (What, surely everyone turns to Nickelback when they're writing text porn?) And so I'm adding this one to the kink_bingo list as a free square.

I once had an icon of Mulder and Scully in the elevator and her going down on him. It would fit almost perfectly to this post if I could find it again. Oh the hardships of the world.

Title: On The Road
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Prompt: free square: vehicular kink
Summary: You're beside me on the seat / Got your hand between my knees / And you control how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze
Spoilers: Nothing, though extra cookies for you if you spot the occasional episode references. Takes place sometime during the 'big piles of manure' of season six.
Rating: NC-17. Sex and lots of frenzied swearing.

On The RoadCollapse )

I started posting this a couple of hours ago. Damn WoW.

Title: 10:24 pm, Apt. 42, 2630 Hegal Place, Alexandria
Rating: R
Pairings: Mulder/Scully
Spoilers: S.R. 819
Summary: Hospitals, shadowy conspiracies, lies, deceit and insomnia - it's pretty much a standard week. There has to be another side to it all, or they'd go... well, even more crazy. Right?

10:24 pm, Apt. 42, 2630 Hegal Place, AlexandriaCollapse )

XF: Mulder/Scully, 'Turn The World Over'

My first entry for kink_bingo, although it is not, in fact, on the line I am trying to complete. Um. Facepalm?

Also it did not turn out to be the porn I was planning/expecting, but actually turned out better, I think. And there's plenty more porn to come, anyway. Have some kinky not-porn just for variety.

Title: Turn The World Over
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Prompt: hand fetish
Summary: Fear of flying ends when you have the strength to leave the ground behind.
Spoilers: Pilot, Deep Throat, Lazarus, Roland, Firewalker, Irresistible
Rating: PG-13? I'm bad at rating anything that isn't hardcore fucking...

Turn The World OverCollapse )

So apparently the 19th is/was...

And I just happen to have this finished and lingering on the hard drive, written for hrothgar1 a while back and just never posted. So happy femslash day everybody!

Title: Welcome To The Sisterhood
Pairing: Xena/Gabrielle, Lila/OFC
Rating: R/NC-17
Summary: Solstice with the Amazons.
Author's Note: This is set in my reset-universe, post-series and back in time and everyone's alive again. One day I'll even write how that happens!

Welcome To The SisterhoodCollapse )

Artwork: Jack/Sam/Daniel

My first fic for lgbtfest ended up being an SG-1 fic - not only that, but a fic from the SG/X-Men crossover universe that ruthiesgc and I came up with a long long time back:

Speaking The Language (The Lost In Translation Refrain)

It's Daniel-centric, featuring Rodney, and then sort of feeds into Jack/Sam/Daniel. And then I thought about the other ficlet I wrote in this universe, Fevered, which really is Jack/Sam/Daniel. So then I made a wallpaper.

(Daniel's the only natural mutant of the three, but in this AU the ATA gene is highly linked to the mutant gene, so the ATA therapy tends to confer a degree of mutant ability on those who take it. Jack's mutation manifests after his being taken over by the Ancient database the first time. Sam's appears when she takes the gene therapy, and because she's got the Goa'uld markers in her blood things go a bit haywire. But that's another story.)

I might one day make a John/Rodney one, if I can figure out how to represent John's mutation. I figure he's got some kind of infallible internal GPS going on, but it's kinda hard to represent that as an image. Daniel was hard enough before I hit on the idea of giving him the dreamcatcher tattoo (also because guh, a tattoo on those arms? *incoherence*)

My last submission for the sg_rarepairings fic battle. Got it done in time, w00t! This one's my standard OT3 universe, spoilers for The Light, Threshold, Fallen/Homecoming, Death Knell, Moebius. Rated R.

never knew love could be so tenderCollapse )

SG-1, Jack/Sam/Daniel, Fevered

Another one written for sg_rarepairings, and I even got it under the character limit this time.

So there's this SG-1/Marvelverse AU, see. And it sort of keeps mutating in my head. This is just a little snippet, and all you really need to know is that Jack, Sam and Daniel are on Atlantis, and that the ATA gene = the mutant gene, for the most part. Daniel's gene is natural, but Jack and Sam have had the ATA therapy. It took really well in Sam and not that well in Jack, but that's a story for another time post...

FeveredCollapse )

SG-1: Sam/Svetlana, Yubileynaya

Written for sg_rarepairings and just slightly over the character limit. Yubileynaya, Sam Carter/Svetlana Markov(a), vodka, femslash, rated G.

In this universe, Sam and Svetlana met and had a brief affair before either of them joined their respective Stargate Programmes. (I should point out at this juncture that I have not seen Sam on Atlantis yet, but I don't think it makes a difference.)

YubileynayaCollapse )


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